Perfect for a girls' trip! 10 Instagram-worthy photogenic spots in Sasebo and Ojika

Sasebo and Ojika are full of retro and nostalgic sightseeing spots with beautiful scenery and a sense of history.
Here, we'll introduce some of our favorite photogenic spots, carefully selected for the #photogenic shots.
Perfect for a girls' trip! Why don't you take some great memorable photos in Sasebo and Ojika and get lots of "Likes"!


10 Instagram-worthy photogenic spots in Sasebo and Ojika

①A beautiful Gothic church standing on a hill"Miura-cho Catholic Church"
②A place chosen as a film location for its nostalgic atmosphere"Minenosaka"
③Photograph “the most beautiful bay in the world”, Kujukushima !"Tenkaiho"
④ The "Kujukushima Bay Tank" is photogenic!"Kujukushima Aquarium Umi Kirara"
⑤A building sure to be Instagram-worthy!"BRICK MALL SASEBO"
⑥A spectacular view of the Goto Islands and Hirado Island!"Kozakibana Park"
⑦Enjoy the beautiful arches and powerful whirlpools"Shinsaikai Bridg"
⑧Spots with an emotional atmosphere"Tono Market, Tunnel Yokocho"
⑨Crystal clear blue, the beautiful contrast of nature"The Sea of Ojika"
⑩A beautiful tree lined avenue that makes you want to take pictures"Hime no Matsubara"


①A beautiful Gothic church standing on a hill

Miura-cho Catholic Church

The Miura-cho Catholic Church stands on a hill just a short walk from JR Sasebo Station. It has an instantly recognizable presence along the national roadway that runs through the city

While the Miura-cho Catholic Church was built in 1931 featuring white walls, during the war, to escape damage and make it less of a target for air raids, it was painted black. The white church looks great against the bright blue sky, but unfortunately it was raining that day...
We did however get some really cute shots with our umbrella!

You can also visit inside, where the light shining through the stained glass is an impressive sight. This is a spot where you can feel a spiritually cleansing, soothing and majestic atmosphere.
※The interior of the church may not be open to the public due to new covid-19 measures.

Miura-cho Catholic Church

Address: 4-25 Miura-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


②A place chosen as a film location for its nostalgic atmosphere


Nagasaki Prefecture is known for its “city with many slopes”. Take a walk from JR Sasebo Station, past Miura-cho Catholic Church, to the kitchen of Sasebo’s citizens, Tonoo Market and Tunnel Yokocho.
While enjoying local ingredients and nostalgic homemade tastes, follow the road along the alley in the back and you will see a sign for the Hirado Oukan (Hirado Road), one of the main roads built in the Edo period. A part of the historic road still remains intact, and the slope extending several hundred meters from it is called "Minenosaka. The unique design of the road, with stairs in the middle and slopes at both sides, is said to be the result of its creators' wish to reduce fatigue when using the road for both ascending and descending.

The long, narrow and steep slope has an atmosphere unique to Sasebo.

Nagasaki Prefecture is known for its “city with many slopes”. Take a walk from JR Sasebo Station, past Miura-cho Catholic Church, to the kitchen of Sasebo’s citizens, Tonoo Market and We thought it was unfortunate that it rained, but the rain-soaked street looked so good!

As you walk step by step through the nostalgic atmosphere along Minenosaka, a sea breeze that seems to blow in out of nowhere is very comfortable!

It's not far from the city center, but once you step inside, you'll find it's a very nice and emotional #photogenic spot!


Address: Minenosaka-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


③Photograph “The Most Beautiful Bay in the World”, Kujukushima !


Tenkaiho is a popular tourist spot in Sasebo, located about 20 minutes by car from downtown. From the observation deck at the top of the hill, you can see the "The Most Beautiful Bay in the World," Kujukushima.

While visiting during the daytime is great, we recommend going around dusk. The silhouettes of the various islands, large and small, bathed in the light of the setting sun are breathtakingly beautiful. It's sure to be Instagram-worthy!

In addition, the circular flower bed below the observation deck boasts seasonal flowers, with 150,000 canola flowers in spring (late March to early April) and 150,000 cosmos flowers blooming in autumn (early to mid-October).
When you walk among the flower beds, you can smell the scent of the season, and feel as if you have wandered into a picture book.


Address: 399 Shimofunakoshi-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


④ The "Kujukushima Bay Tank" is photogenic!

Kujukushima Aquarium Umi Kirara

The "Kujukushima Aquarium Umi Kirara" captures the sparkling waters of Kujukushima and conveys the various charms of the islands, including the creatures that live there and the environment of the sea around Kujukushima.

The "Kujukushima Bay Tank" containing about 13,000 creatures of 120 species swimming gracefully, is an outdoor type tank, which is rare in Japan, and reproduces the natural environment offshore of the coast. On a sunny day, you will be mesmerized by the glittering light and the dynamism of the swimming creatures. A photo taken in front of this large tank looks fantastic!

The “Jellyfish Symphony Dome” is one of the largest displays of jellyfish in Western Japan, with 300 jellyfish of 11 different species. Experience a healing symphony of light and music with these mysterious jellyfish.

Additionally, the ever-popular dolphin programs, such as jumping catch ball etc. provide plenty of photo opportunities!

Kujukushima Aquarium Umi Kirara

Address: 1008 Kashimae-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


⑤A building sure to be Instagram-worthy!


Close to Sasebo Station, the Sasebo Port Ferry Terminal, and the Sasebo Gobangai, Yorozu-cho is home to the Sasebo morning market and numerous old established stores.

In recent years, more and more fashionable cafes and stores have sprung up in the area, and it has become known as "Yorozu Town Six”.

BRICK MALL SASEBO is a nostalgic building renovated from a 70-year-old structure that was originally a food processing store. The stylish atmosphere of the two-story brick and wooden building will draw you in.

Inside the building, there is a café, a variety store and a confectionery shop on the first floor and a used clothing store and an accessory shop on the second floor. In addition to taking pictures, you can also enjoy souvenir shopping and coffee both at the same time!

There is also a spacious free area, with brick walls, wooden pillars, and exposed beams, where you'll be able to take great #photogenic pictures no matter where you shoot from!

There are also tables and sofas where you can relax freely, so please enjoy your take-out coffee and sweets as you relax and enjoy taking #photogenic pictures.


Address: 2-8 Yorozu-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


⑥A spectacular view of the Goto Islands and Hirado Island!

Kozakibana Park

Kozakibana Park, located in Kosaza-cho, is the westernmost point of the Japanese mainland, at 33 degrees 12 minutes’ north latitude and 129 degrees 33 minutes’ east longitude. It's a spectacular spot where you can see the clear blue sea up close!!

Climbing up the slope, there is an observation deck and wooden benches.
The blue of the ocean and green of the grass provide a nice contrast!

There is an "underwater promenade" along the coast, and on warm days you can play on the beach in the tide pools.
Enjoy a variety of #photogenic shooting at this, the westernmost point of the Japanese mainland, a place also famous for its sunsets.

If you show a photo taken here to the Sasebo Tourist Information Center in Sasebo Station, you can get a "Certificate for Reaching the Westernmost Point of Mainland Japan".

Kozakibana Park

Address: 354-1 Kusudomari, Kosaza-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


⑦Enjoy the beautiful arches and powerful whirlpools

Shinsaikai Bridge

The Shinsaikai Bridge spans the Hario Seto between Hario Island and Saikai City.

It is a great viewing spot where you can see the two bridges over the Hario Seto, said to be one of the three fastest tides in Japan, and its whirlpools which reaching up to 10 meters in size.

Here, the walkway of the "Shinsaikai Bridge," a short walk from the Saikai Bridge Park parking lot, is Instagram-worthy!
Also, looking through the glass floor in the middle of the bridge, you can see the powerful whirlpools directly below.
The swirling currents of the strait right below you provide a great view! You can also enjoy the thrill.

In spring, the Saikai Bridge is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, with about 1,000 cherry trees in full bloom.
The scenery changes with each season, and is sure to delight visitors.

Saikai Bridge and Shinsaikai Bridge

Address: Between Sasebo City and Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture


⑧Spots with an emotional atmosphere

Tono Market, Tunnel Yokocho

A five-minute walk from JR Sasebo Station. The Tono Market, has been the kitchen for local citizens since the Taisho era, and is lined with many types of stores!
A variety of stores selling seafood from the nearby sea, processed seafood, fruit and vegetables, daily goods, clothing, and more, are lined up along the street.
The locals are friendly and full of life, creating the atmosphere of a good old-fashioned shopping street.

Walking around, you can smell a wonderful variety aromas coming from here and there.
There are eel shops with their fragrant smells, Nagasaki's specialty fish cake shops, and Japanese sweets shops, so it’s fun to walk around trying local delicacies.

Using an air-raid shelter as a store, Tunnel Yokocho is a unique and impressive sight, that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Try taking a retro-chic picture with this shopping district in the background.

Tono Market, Tunnel Yokocho

Address: From Tono-cho to Matsukawa-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


⑨Crystal clear blue, the beautiful contrast of nature

The Sea of Ojika

About a three-hour ferry ride from Sasebo, Ojika Island is a small island at the northern tip of the Goto Islands.

The entire island is designated as part of the Saikai National Park, and has been selected as one of "the most beautiful villages in Japan" for its nostalgic original Japanese scenery.

What we especially want to recommend is the beauty of the sea. The white sandy beaches stretching far into the distance create a mesmerizing gradation of emerald green.

There are also many other #photogenic spots, such as idyllic landscapes and natural wonders unique to the remote islands!

Ojika is known for its crystal clear blue waters. With fantastic underwater scenery, scuba diving here is also very popular.

Goryodaki, with its unique shape created by a volcano long ago, and its pine forests, and white sands, is a spot that soothes the soul of travelers. Seeing it in person is overwhelming!

The sun setting on the horizon is truly spectacular. Combined with its unique topography, you can really feel the greatness of nature!

Feeling almost like a private beach, the water at Kakinohama Beach is crystal clear, with the beauty of the sea sure to amaze all who visit. The shallow beach boasts some of the most beautiful sand on the island. The blue color of the sea is also very clear, and the volcanic rocks that appear with the receding tide create a beautiful scene. Just walking along the sandy beach, feeling the sea breeze, and listening to the sound of the waves is a truly relaxing experience.


Address: Ojika-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture


⑩A beautiful tree lined avenue that makes you want to take pictures

Hime no Matsubara

Ojika Island offers beautiful scenery no matter where you turn.

Take a trip around the island on a rental bicycle.

There's nothing like feeling the sea breeze as you cycle with the panoramic view in the background! After passing through streets lined with old Kominka houses and schools, you will see the beautiful "Hime-no-Matsubara" with its deep row of pine trees. The road, lined with black pine trees that cover the sky for about 400 to 500 meters was selected as one of the 100 best pine trees in Japan, as well as one of the new 100 best tree lined roads in Japan.

This tree-lined street bathed in sunlight is very beautiful and mysterious. It seems to represent the thoughts of the people of Ojika, who have carefully nurtured the black pine tree, which is also the official town tree. Along the way, you will also come across the modern looking Shijiki Shrine.
The quiet space refreshes both body and soul.

Hime no Matsubara

Address: 299 Yanagigo, Ojika-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture


In addition to the spots introduced here, there are many more #Instagram-worthy spots in Sasebo and Ojika. It’s a great idea to find your own favorite spots with your camera or smartphone in hand. Please share your favorite pictures with us!